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Why Choose a Certified College Funding Specialist?

If you’re concerned about paying for your children’s college, then there is no better professional to discuss your financial concerns than a Certified College Funding Specialist

A Certified College Funding Specialist are Certified Financial Planners, CPAs, Wealth & Retirement Planners, and other licensed financial professionals. Certified College Funding Specialist are the only advisors qualified to give advice on the financial aspects of saving and paying for college, and that’s why you can save 15-30% of your overall cost of college using their services.

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Whether you are saving for your children’s future education or planning to pay for college and save for retirement at the same time, a CCFS® can help you handle every aspect of your finances with peace of mind. Learn what a CCFS® CERTIFIED COLLEGE FUNDING SPECIALIST®) can do for you.

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A CCFS®is More Than Just a Financial Advisor

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